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Weed Edible Packaging

weed edible packaging

Good things come in edible packaging! That’s why Pot Printers create weed and edible packaging that supports the leading marijuana and cannabis manufacturers. We help promote your items to weed lovers in the most eye-catching manner.

As a leading cannabis manufacturer, you must be concerned about your company's image and logo. This is where our job starts! We understand the requirements of this hyper-aggressive industry, and that's why we do our best to put your image on the most appealing packaging.

We offer custom printing and packaging solutions, and our popular offering includes custom mylar bags. Our weed and edible packaging are environment-friendly and recyclable, which means you can attract more environmentalists and eco-friendly customers. Consider our high-quality weed and edible packaging at the industry's best price. 

Why Choose Our Weed and Edible Packaging?

The demand for marijuana and weed packaging has increased over the years, and numerous companies have started offering custom packaging.

We understand the requirements of small and medium cannabis companies and help promote their products in the market. The following are the features of our weed and edible packaging that make it stand apart from the competition:

Smell-Proof and Zipper-Sealable

Our custom mylar bags are smell-proof and zipper sealable. The zipper seal offers a reusable storage option to reseal the bags after opening them.  We utilize high-quality food-grade materials for creating weed and edible packaging so that the packaging never smells. These smell-proof bags are perfect for storing herbs such as marijuana for a long time.

Child-Resistant and Kosher Approved

We understand the requirements of the marijuana industry and always comply with the government rules and directions in this regard. Our edible packages are child-resistant and tamper-evident. They are also FDA; Kosher approved and free of BPA, TSE, Phthalates, and Sulfur. The child-resistant locking feature proves that our products comply with U.S. Federal and local laws.

Custom Sizes

We offer weed and edible packages in a variety of sizes. You can order any size you need, whether a 3.5-gram bag or a 1-pound package. We understand the importance of custom boxes for the packaging and storage of weed products, and that's why we assist you in choosing the right weed and edible packaging. 

Creative Designs

Our creative designs help manufacturers identify their products from other brands. This weed and edible packaging feature engaging designs and styles to attract buyers.

Cost Effective

We help you save money by providing cost-effective solutions. This way, you can compete with other brands in the industry by providing the best packaging to your customers. You can customize your orders and select the features that your customers like the most in your products. You can also have a small quantity of custom mylar bags printed according to your requirements.

Order Processing

At Pot Printers, we offer a straightforward ordering process. We fulfill the weed manufacturer's interests by adding engaging features to the high-quality, edible packaging. The following are the steps included in the order processing:

  1. Submit your order with your custom design. If you don't have your own design, our design team will assist you and develop something you want.
  2. Our team will send the finalized style and design to you for approval. We don't send orders for production until our customers approve the design.
  3. The production starts once you approve the design for edible packaging. The duration is 3 to 10 business days for the production and printing of packaging.
  4. Once the production is complete, our team will send you a picture and video of the packaging.
  5. The order is dispatched to you.

Wrap Up!

When it comes to preserving the terpene flavor, only high-quality packaging serves the purpose. Our custom mylar bags are ideal for weed and edible packaging as they maintain a consistent quality of weed and marijuana.  These packages are created carefully to prevent moisture and sunlight and maintain the quality of the weed inside. The mylar bags are made up of plant-based materials that protect weeds from UV exposure. Plus, the best thing is that they are biodegradable and edible and provide a sustainable packaging solution.